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  Yuhang is a district in fast development, and there have been many social and economic developments since China adopted the reform and opening to the outside world policies.
  As one of the ...
· Businesses seek cooperation
· High-tech industries
· Education Industry
· Real Estate
· Tourism Industry
Rule of Laws
Leadership: The main leaders of the district including the Party Secretary and Mayor are director...
Yuhang is a beautiful place.
  Yuhang is beautiful for not only its tall buildings, prosperous businesses, interesting entertainments, colorful lights and busy stree...
Introduction of Yuhang
Located in Hangzhou-Jiaxing-Huzhou Plain in the north of Zhejiang and the south end of the Grand Canal from Beijing to Hangzhou, Yuhang is in the center of Yangtze River Delta. As the cradle land of Liangzhu Culture, which is often regarded as the “Dawn of Chinese Civilization”, it is often called “hometown of fish and rice, house of silk, garden of flowers and fruits and land of multiple cultures”.
Cultures of Yuhang
Tour of Yuhang
Jing Hill Tourist Attraction Resort

  The Jing Hill Buddhist Temple was first built in the Tang Dynasty and reached its culmination in the Song Dynasty. In its peak years, more than 1000 rooms in the monastery housed over 3,000 mo...
Liangzhu Cultural Relic Cluster
The Liangzhu Cultural Relic Cluster represents an ancient civilization around the Taihu Lake about 5,300-4,000 years ago. The main attractions in this area are the Liangzhu Cultural Relic Museum an...
Chao Hill Landscape Resort
It Chao Hill Landscape Resort, 29 kilometers northeast of downtown Hangzhou, can be accessed by No. 09 province highway that links No. 104 and 302 State Highways. Positioned only 6 kilometers away ...
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